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Welcome to Wild about Story

"Stories can conquer fear you know, they can make the heart bigger"  Ben Okri   

Established by storyteller and singer, Tracey Collins, story is at the heart of all that Wild about Story offers. Stories have been carried, since time began, through the oral traditions of singing and storytelling, through the written word and through the visual arts. We live in troubled times, Wild about Story's answer is to boldly allow our passion for story to be a guide, to inspire a sense of wonder and imagination and to be the foundation for a successful business. The ability of stories to connect people  We look forward to hearing from you/being of service and sharing our love of stories with you


"With stories come possibilities"   Neil Gaiman

We're wild about story because....

stories can delight us

they cross borders

a story can teach without preaching

it might make us laugh or cry or both at the same time

stories help us to learn how to think rather than what to think

we can try out different endings

stories make magic possible


Stories can conquer fear, you know.
They can make the heart bigger.” 

Ben Okri

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