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Outrageously enjoyable storytelling for grown ups from the finest performance storytellers
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Kath Tait
11th September 2019

We're kicking off our autumn season with a singer, song writer and musician (guitar, harmonica, accordian) who is a storyteller at heart. Kath is originally from New Zealand but has lived in London for more than 30 years. She writes about her life as a carer, a hippy, an itinerant bard and a wholefood freak. Described as ‘wonkey and eccentric’ she is an empathetic and intelligent storyteller and lyricist.

Website       See her on youtube here

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9th October 2019
'The Big Blind' performed by Dominic Kelly,
Bridget Marsden & Leif Ottosson

A boy stands on a lakeshore. Behind him is all he’s ever known. Ahead: a chance for love but a rather higher chance of death. He’s had a happy life, and a sheltered one. But his father gambled away that life, the debt cannot be paid in money and it won’t be his father who pays. Childhood is over…


Dominic Kelly, Bridget Marsden & Leif Ottosson combine storytelling and music into a playful and gripping performance. They bring to life an ancient full-bloodied fairy tale for modern audiences, weaving versions from Norway, Scotland, Ireland and India with contemporary Scandinavian folk music. Through it they explore the consequences for the young when older generations fail to make adult decisions.


“… Makes you sparkle from the inside out. Combining magical, haunting and melodic Nordic inspired music, played effortlessly by the superbly talented Bridget Marsden and Leif Ottosson, we were taken on an expertly crafted storytelling journey by Dominic Kelly. . The stage is stripped bare with no need for props of any kind… The simplicity of this makes for a truly inspired performance…” oneandother.com
“… Unbelievably fine ensemble playing” Dagens Nyheter        “Outstanding” Songlines Magazine

“A bewitching fusion of storytelling and music that takes theatre right back to its origins… a magical night. Dominic Kelly… is a consistently engaging and energetic narrator... He brings the stories to life and deftly navigates the way through a multi-layered narrative. It is the music in combination with Kelly’s narration that makes this production so special. Violin and accordion duo Bridget Marsden and Leif Ottosson beautifully fuse enchanting Nordic music with Kelly’s prose” A Younger Theatre

REVIEW of 'The Big Blind at the Capstone Theatre in Liverpool, January 2019



The Compelling Story of a Secret Messenger


This is a story about a bird and its extraordinary journey – but it is also a journey of the imagination, that makes a bird’s migration more than a just physical event but a metaphor for movement through time and space


Myth and science meet in this compelling tale of an iconic bird’s journey - told through story and song by Malcolm and Joshua Green. ‘Intimate and affecting’,an engaging & beautifully constructed tour de force'.

It all starts just after dawn at RAF Fylingdales on the North York Moors. A male Cuckoo is having a tiny 4.5g radio transmitter strapped to his back. A few weeks later he will have flown thousands of miles south and 3 miles high over the Sahara Desert, sending signals back to England as he travels through Libya and Chad to the Congo.

For thousands of years the Cuckoo has been part of folklore and its call present in songs, poems and stories. But now this bird is disappearing in England and people are already forgetting his iconic 'cuck-coo' song  


See Facebook: Gone Cuckoo@Talesongs

Musicianship and environmental performance-art meet history and myth…’. Dave Pritchard (Chair, UK Arts & Environment Network, and consultant to the Convention on Migratory Species)

The performance was precise and compelling … such an exciting, multi-layered adventure.’ Linda France (award-winning poet)

‘Gone Cuckoo was inspiring and moving… it will fill audiences of all ages with wonder and delight.’ Prof. Nick Davies (author of ‘Cuckoo, Cheating by Nature’)

6th November 2019
'Gone Cuckoo' performed by Storyteller, Malcolm Green & Musician Joshua Green



About Malcolm and Joshua

Malcolm is a storyteller who has pioneered the use of storytelling in environmental contexts. Recent projects have included the ambitious 'Dreaming the Land' with A Bit Crack Storytellers and 'Shearwater' with Tim Dalling. Many of his projects are collaborations with musicians, film makers and archaeologists. Malcolm teaches storytelling at Newcastle University and runs workshops internationally. He is a founder member of A Bit Crack Storytellerswww.abitcrack.com  and a member of the Council for Storytelling and Peace. He has recently written the book 'Northumberland Folk Tales'. www.malcolm-green.com

Joshua is percussionist and writer for the widely acclaimed contemporary folk band Sam Lee, which won the album of the year critic's choice in Songlines magazine for 'A Fade in Time'. He is vocalist, percussionist and dancer for The Super Best Friends Club, whose latest album, 'Love Blows' has had airtime on BBC radio 3 and radio 6 music. He is an experienced workshop and choir leader. He works for the Lawnmowers Theatre as a coordinator and musician.

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What did the Wolf do to Granny ?
What did Little Red do to the Wolf ?
What did Little Red do to Granny ?!

11th March 2020
Little Red Riding Hood and
other Lost Girls  performed by
Nell Pheonix
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The fairytale world is littered with girls who are lost or mislaid, and very few are as innocent as you might first imagine. Nell Phoenix strays from the path in search of young, and not so young, women who have played in the woods, forgotten the rules, and should have at least had an inkling, that something was likely to go horribly wrong.

'Darkly humorous and Seriously playful.'


'Phoenix is a mercurial and captivating performer.' Dave Fargnoli

'Bold, bubbly and brutal, Nell Phoenix guides us through a plethora of girl-meets-wolf tales in a lively evening of storytelling'. Justin Stathers, TheatreBubble