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Would you like Mrs Stanley in your Living room?  No need to tidy up, just book a time

and get ready for some stories and songs!

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Mrs Stanley has been missing the children and missing telling stories in the Story Shed. Like all of you,  she hasn’t been able to go to work in the Story Shed during lockdown which has made her very sad!  So now Mrs Stanley has decided to (politely) invite herself into your living room – if you would like her to come!  

The Story Shed puppets and all of Mrs Stanley’s stories and songs are ready to fly via WiFi to you, wherever you are.  There are some new stories and songs and some old friends and of course you may have some stories of your own to tell! If you are home schooling,  Mrs Stanley may be able to help with your home school learning (she used to be a teacher) by adding some specially chosen stories into the mix.  If you let her know any preferred topics in advance, she may be able to shape the session to compliment or build on your home learning.  Stories are such a wonderful way for children to integrate and consolidate their learning – when you ask them what a story character should do when they are about to get eaten by a monster – you really find out what children know!   


Click here book a time for Mrs Stanley to make an online visit to your home.  ​​​​​​​Each ticketed session is one to one with one household, but you are welcome to include up to 3 children in each session of varying ages.  Mrs Stanley is limiting the number of children for now because she is new to online storytelling.  It is really important for her as a teller to see and hear the audience and that is obviously more difficult online.  Once you have booked and paid on Tickets Ignite, please email Mrs Stanley on  and include your name, the date of the session you have booked, the names/ages of the children who will be participating,

your mobile number and how you would like to connect (whatsapp, facetime, skype).  You can also tell Mrs Stanley if you have a request to make about the content of the session.


The sessions are offered at different times and for different prices from free to £10 for a 45 minute session.  Please pay what you can afford and leave the free sessions for people who have no income at all during lockdown.  If you are feeling abundant and you enjoyed the session, please feel free to pay more through Paypal at

Stories on offer....

The Red Yoyo and other lost treasures

Beautiful Bananas

Chocolate Cake

How the Kiwi Lost its Wings

How Maui Tamed the Sun

Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Moon & Farmer McFee

Stone Soup ..... and more