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Story Shed can be found by the playground at Cedar Farm Galleries in Mawdesley, West Lancashire.  In the past, the shed has been home to a horse, to pigs, to chickens and a serious number of spiders! Now it is the home of Mrs Stanley and her storyteller friends. Mrs Stanley claims to be a witch like her mother but her father was non magical, a muggle. Mrs Stanley attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for a few years but dropped out after failing to turn a frog back into a child. She is a better storyteller than a witch and the only magic she now practices is the magical art of storytelling. Tracey is the organiser and Mrs Stanley makes the mischief, offering regular sessions for children, full of songs and stories with lots of joining in.


Story Shed is a small space that hopes to nurture huge hearts and a growing community of children and adults who love listening to and telling stories. A visit to Cedar Farm's animals, followed by a story offers a great outing for the whole family. Take a look at this video, kindly made by a parent after one of our summer sessions. We hope to see you soon in the Story Shed!

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“A story is the shortest distance between people."    Pat Speight