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Seasonal Singing and Storytelling in Croston

garden temple collage.jpeg
7:30pm – 10pm,  Friday, 21 October 2022  
83a Drinkhouse Road, Croston, PR26 9JE

Snuggle around the fire in the Garden Temple for seasonal songs and stories. We will settle in with a little gentle movement on the ground to ease us into a relaxation.

The songs will be short & easy to learn, songs that warm our hearts, marking and celebrating the coming autumn and winter. ALL voices are welcome and there is no pressure… Come to listen or feel free to join in bringing along a seasonal poem or story to share if you wish.

Enjoy herbal teas or golden milk with homemade chocolate treats. This is an evening to embrace and celebrate the riches of Autumn and the shorter days to come as we deepen our connection with the natural world and our own inner nature.

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"Stories live in your blood and bones, follow the seasons and light candles on the darkest night."  Patti Davis

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