23rd January 2019
'Stolen'performed by
Daniel Morden &
The Devil's Violin Company

Spellbinding storytellers perform their kaleidoscopic fairytale


A young prince falls endlessly down through the darkness.

In a field of giant poppies, a beautiful old woman is trapped in a cottage nestled in a huge claw.

 Saddled horses stand frozen in a dripping grey landscape, their missing riders lost to The Land of No Return.
Daniel Morden’s mesmeric tales of hope and adversity are accompanied by the exquisite strings of

Oliver Wilson-Dickson and Sarah Moody.


Age Recommendation 10+ Watch the trailer & book tickets: www.thedevilsviolin.co.uk


“To experience Daniel Morden in full flight is an amazing thing” Ian MacMillan

“A master weaver of tales spinning a magical thread of narrative, drawing on numerous traditional folk tales and myths”

The Bristol Post

27th February 2019
Tri o Bob Tri/Three Around Three performed by Tamar Eluned Williams 

Tamar Eluned Williams tells stories in Welsh and English. Previous performance work includes Green Man Festival, Aberystwyth Storytelling Festival, Settle Stories, Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru, Birmingham Book Festival, National Storytelling Week and Tales in Trust. She works in schools, museums and theatres across South Wales using storytelling and theatre to improve oracy, literacy and confidence. She is a puppeteer and performer for PuppetSoup, a Creative Associate of Rambling Heart, and one half of the Greenbank Hags, who curate and produce STORYPUB in Bristol. She was awarded the Gwobr Esyllt Harker Award by Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival in 2016 and the national Young Storyteller of the Year Award in 2013.



Three Around Three is a new commission supported by the Gwobr Esyllt Harker Award and premiered at Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival 2018. A bilingual (Welsh/English) solo performance piece that interweaves story, song and spoken word, it is a retelling of the first branch of the Mabinogion. Crossing between two worlds, we journey step by step with a woman from the Otherworld, Rhiannon, as she lives out one life out of many possible ones.

27th March 2019
'The Magician's Apprentice'
performed by
Sally Pomme Clayton

What happens when magic goes wrong? Performance storyteller Sally Pomme Clayton rummages through hats and rabbits, smoke and mirrors, wands and tarot cards, searching for spells. With a top hat from a junk shop and mail-order wand, Sally Pomme casts a shimmer of stories, mixing humour with darkness, romance with horror. She conjures powerful female magicians from fragments of myth, invokes antique jokes, and summons-up a dazzling Russian fairytale. In this slight-of-hand world you can meet foolish apprentices, crazy genies, and Mistress of magic Elena the Wise. Here girls become doves, objects speak, the magician goes mad, and you can enter another world! Join her on a fairytale quest to discover what is real and what illusion, who is the apprentice and who the teacher - as she searches for real magic.



“Some people are born to entertain. It's a special kind of magic. Sally Pomme Clayton has that magic in plenty –  she is a dream-weaver, a spell-binder.”

The Londonist


Sally Pomme Clayton casts a shimmer of stories in The Magician's Apprentice. This intimate and enchanting performance takes the audience into the secret world of the magician. She opens the magician's suitcase, uncovering the cultural history of the tarot card, making luscious fairytales appear, and dark memories vanish! With a song on her mandolin, and a spotted handkerchief, she shifts from humour to horror, romance to rumour.


"A richly evoked, magical story of many layers. Transported to so many times and places. A true magician of words." Bakehouse Theatre


"Mistress of Magic, Speaker of Spells. A storming show from a queen of the spoken word at the height of her powers. A mixing and mingling of worlds, of eras and time-scales, of history and fantasy, with consummate ease and the lightest of touches. A subtle meditation on where the real magic truly lies." Storyteller, Jamie Crawford


24th April 2019
'Universe' performed by
Clare Muireann Murphy

A mathematician finds a gift from a god. Blacksmiths beat out the music of the spheres. And why are there turtles everywhere? Where does myth meet science? Is it only in the middle of the night when we half wake and half sleep? In this timeless place of wonder and insight, time stretches and a fissure opens that builds a dream bridge between many worlds… Performance storyteller Clare Murphy dances into this liminal space; merging myth, deities, science and a hefty amount of turtle, in a playful exploration of the beginnings of the universe.


29th May 2019
Nick Hennessey performing
'The Howken Field

“Beneath the low sky there is a field. At its edge two ravens speak of those that have fallen and of those yet to be born into the world of the hollow wind." 

Existing between worlds, between laws, the Scottish Borders are mysterious, a place of secrets.  Unearthing a hidden hoard, Nick Hennessey tips out the glittering treasures of story and song that press up through field, fell, burn and beck of the Borders shedding light on dark memories of the place.

26th June 2019
Tim Ralphs performing
Rebranding Beelzebub

Tim Ralphs is a storyteller and active exponent of narrative in art. He also works as a public engagement consultant where he focuses on connecting academic researchers with non-specialists.

His storytelling is rooted in the oral tradition: The craft of a speaker weaving language and gesture to entrance an audience and bring a tale to life. Tim Ralphs gained much acclaim at “The Young Storyteller of the Year” competition in 2007, and was a British Award for Storytelling Excellence winner in 2012. He has performed everywhere from majestic Teutonic castle at Alden Biesen in Belgium, to the muddy Shropshire fields of The Festival at the Edge, to the sophisticated theatres of Soho and The Barbican. His audiences find him equally captivating whether they are partaking of some cake in a cafe, sitting spellbound around a fire in the woods, or dancing furiously while he lays down his words over a frenzy of experimental rock.

Tim Ralphs shines a spotlight on Him Downstairs in a show shaped by razor wit, diabolical horror, absurd confessions and humour fit for the unholy ghost. Rebranding Beelzebub takes Tim’s innovative re-imaginings of traditional tales to another level as he exhumes the bones of old Devil stories and stitches them a new skin. This grand collection spans supermarket stalls, urban sprawls, mad drunken preachers and widow’s sons. Darkly humorous with disturbing turns and a distinct whiff of sulphur.

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