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Storytelling for Schools, Libraries & Community events

Mrs Stanley has a changing menu of offerings according to the needs of organisations and also the time of year. She will adapt a session according to the needs of each audience, from individual children to small and large groups. Most sessions involve songs accompanied by guitar or ukulele and are very participative. Mrs Stanley used to be a teacher so she is confident to manage a group of children but she always appreciates the support and involvement of people who know the children. 

Mrs Stanley regularly tells stories to children in hospital so she is comfortable with adapting what she offers to a variety of needs. She really likes to improvise and involve children's ideas in the telling of stories. 

Mrs Stanley has had particularly good feedback about her ability to hold the attention of children who may find it difficult to concentrate.  If there are children with additional support needs in the group, it may be helpful to have additional people on hand to make sure all children get the full benefit of the storytelling session.

Mrs Stanley also has experience of adult education and can be available to run fun and friendly workshops with parents and grandparents or staff about:

  • the value of stories in children's lives

  • reading stories and making them accessible

  • what gets in the way of children enjoying reading

  • how to motivate children to read and enjoy learning

  • the importance of listening to children


Please email or call Tracey/Mrs Stanley on

07930 450829 for information about fees and to discuss your requirements.

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