We’re wild about stories which are told aloud from memory but we also love reading stories. So at Wild About Story, we’ve decided to embark on a new book selling adventure.  Magical pop up bookshop will begin to appear in various locations, including Cedar Farm market and in Rumpus in the Park at Worden Hall Arts & Craft Centre in Leyland.

The bookshops will be housed in re-purposed library trolleys which have received a loving makeover.  These trolleys have, for years, trundled as silent sentries around a library, acting as a collecting point for books to be returned and carried back to be shelved back alongside their peers.  Their painted metal form may look plain and utilitarian, but soaked deep into the framework of each trolley is the essence of the reading experience – the books enjoyed or those which disappointed or offended, the books which were long awaited and reserved in advance, or only half read and then abandoned for something more interesting,  the books which have spread knowledge or entertained and transported readers through time and space.

So,  we welcome these long serving book chariots, and are sending them out, laden with books which are ready to enchant and nourish the reading lives of those lucky souls who encounter them. The Pop-Up bookshops will stock good quality books for all ages, books which celebrate the spoken word, which encourage creativity, fill us with hope and feed the imagination. Check the website for pop up dates and information about the author events we're planning in 2021. We look forward to nurturing your reading habit!

Where to Find us

Rumpus in the Park, Worden Hall Arts

& Crafts Centre, Leyland

Thursday - Sunday 12 - 4pm

Cedar Farm Handmade & Vintage Markets

3rd Saturday, 10am - 2pm

Email wildaboutstory@gmail.com

for more information

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