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"I highly recommend Mrs Stanley's storytelling sessions. She spent time with me getting to know the topics we were covering in class along with the hobbies and interests of the children involved. She then sent me detailed planning and resources for the themes, stories and songs she would use. Mrs Stanley had a great relationship with the children. She captured their interest and imagination immediately. They were entranced by the stories, loved the songs and learnt a lot from the positive messages these brought. Through each session the whole class were attentive, enthusiastic and every child was able to contribute. Not only did the children develop their listening skills, they learnt about the joy of stories and song. I saw definite improvements in writing but the most remarkable outcome was their increased enthusiasm for producing their own tales. A fantastic opportunity for learning in a very creative and fun way." 

J. Calcutt, Primary Teacher

"Rebecca has learning difficulties and a challenging home life. She's always tired and it's difficult to motivate her. She wrote "you are magical, fun and a great storyteller". Will's  father had recently left home and he was devastated as a result. He wrote "I may have been upset but you cheered me up, starting from the heart to the soul to make me happy again, the songs, the laughter, the smiling, making dreams come true..."

Special School Teacher

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